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Our Mission 

At Angel Care, our staff is committed to providing comprehensive Occupational Therapy, Dynamic Listening, and Speech Therapy services. We not only treat the child, but we take a holistic approach to their functioning at home, in school, during leisure activities, and socially with peers.

We advocate for their rights to learn as they individually need to learn and their right to be independent. We honor each child and show them what they can offer the world!

We are dedicated to helping you find the appropriate network of highly-trained professionals to join your team. Within this network we work closely with physicians, therapists, psychologists, counselors, advocates and academic staff.

Our Culture

As an Angel Care Kids Therapy employee you can expect to put the “fun” in function while providing holistic, child led and family centered therapy. Our multidisciplinary supportive team is built on the values of positivity, collaboration and creativity. We strive to be constantly developing, learning, and growing as therapists in order to strive for excellent skilled care for our pediatric clients and their families.